Rick Roberts: Ted Cruz Wants To Know Where Kamala Harris Is!

…And so do the rest of us! While Kamala, aka “The Giggle Queen”, is off doing anything else besides being in charge of the border, Senator Ted Cruz has been there. He even tried to take video, except the Biden Administration sent some flunky to block his view. But he saw enough to know that Joe Biden can’t fix what’s happening at the border, so he washed his hands of it and put Kamala in charge. If Kamala had actually seen the border, she would know the physical and sexual abuse of migrant children is neither “humane” nor “compassionate.” Senator Cruz also has some choice words for Biden dressing up his Green New Deal as a $2 Trillion tax-and-spend bill, and with his and Democrats’ history, they don’t get to lecture the rest of us about Jim Crow. Senator Ted Cruz is our special guest on The Rick Roberts Show on NewsTalk 820 WBAP…(Photo courtesy of Senator Ted Cruz)

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