Rick Roberts: Ken Paxton Says It’s Gotta Be Us!

It’s up to Texas. Somebody has to take a stand. Somebody has to call out Joe Biden for not doing his job on the border. Texas covers two-thirds of the border with Mexico, and we’re bearing the lion’s share of the cost of all these migrants flooding north. So let’s do it, says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Let’s pass a law where Texas takes care of it’s own border. And if Joe Biden doesn’t like it? See you in court, Joe! In fact, AG Paxton is suing Biden — again! — this time to put back President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, aka “Remain in Mexico”. So who do we need to call to get this law pass? Stay tuned…The Rick Roberts Show will be the catylist! Only on NewsTalk 820 WBAP…(Photo Courtesy of WFAA)

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