Rick Roberts: What Really Happened To The Election Integrity Bill?

Whodunnit? That’s the basis of any good detective novel. No need to call Sherlock Holmes here, because Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick knows exactly why Senate Bill 7, the election integrity bill, died in the Texas House. The Democrats, of course, for bailing on their duty to democracy. But it’s odd that House Speaker Dade Phelan waited until 4 hours left in the regular session to bring the bill up for a vote. Perhaps Phelan didn’t really want the bill to pass? Gov. Abbott is calling a special session for SB 7, but what else would Lt. Gov. Patrick like the Legislature to work on? And there were a lot of good bills that passed. What were they? Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick joins Rick to tell you all about them on NewsTalk 820 WBAP…(Photo Courtesy of WFAA)

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