Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Don’t Make COVID Cure Worse Than the Virus

Dick Morris, an adviser to former President Donald Trump, said Thursday, “Don’t make the cure worse than the disease.”

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” Morris suggested that around 83,000 out of 683,000 people died due to the lockdown, not from COVID-19. Morris said that although 83,000 were marked deceased from COVID-19, it was actually due to the lockdown. 

Morris cited deaths from 2020 during the lockdown: “cancer deaths 12,000, diabetes deaths 15,000, and Alzheimer’s deaths [14,000] opioid overdoses went up by 46 percent.”

The price of the lockdown has caused almost as much harm as the “disease itself has,” he said.

Morris appeared alongside Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas; the latter condemned politicians for overusing their power to control the lives of others.

“If you look at the CDC guidelines, I think it’s kind of interesting because they say, you don’t need to wear a mask inside or outside, you know. Or stay six feet apart if you’ve been fully vaccinated. As long as it doesn’t violate federal, state, local, tribal, county — all these different laws and rules — so basically, they’re gonna allow all of these politicians that have just really become addicted to the little bit of authority that this has given him to go ahead and continue to control your lives.”

Jackson added, “I just think it’s hilarious that the Biden administration didn’t have enough guts to step up to the plate and just say how you don’t need to do it anymore, and all the federal mandates are done.”

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