Donald Trump to Newsmax TV: Only ‘Democrats Will Give’ to Karl Rove, Rep. Kinzinger

Donald Trump to Newsmax TV: Only ‘Democrats Will Give’ to Karl Rove, Rep. Kinzinger

Once a backer of former President Donald Trump, Karl Rove has moved to back the never-Trump wing of the Republican Party as held up by Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., proving he is “bad news,” according former president on Newsmax TV.

“He shouldn’t be a Fox analyst,” Trump told Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” pointing to Rove’s questionable lobbying for a 5G no-bid contract that Trump nixed in office.

Trump wondered to host Greg Kelly whether Rove might have had to register as a lobbyist in pursuing that deal while he was an analyst for Fox News.

Now, Rove is reportedly listed as a headliner for a March 31 virtual fundraiser for Kinzinger, who is weighing another run for the House in Illinois’ 16th congressional district, or perhaps Senate or governor.

“Karl Rove, if he’s going for that guy – over anybody – he’s not a Republican; he’s not a good Republican,” Trump said. “Look, he’s been a RINO [Republican in Name Only] for a long time – bad news.

“And I hope people don’t contribute to him.”

Trump has vowed to oppose never-Trump Republicans in the 2022 midterms, particularly those who voted to impeach the former president earlier this year – of which Kinzinger was one and long has been an outspoken critic among the GOP.

The March 31 fundraiser will not be popular with the party, Trump predicted.

“You know who’s going to give to that? Democrats,” he said. “He’ll have Democrats give. The Republicans are not going to give. Democrats are going to give.

“Between Karl Rove and Kinzinger, Republicans they’re not going to give, but plenty of Democrats will give.

“We’ll see how they do. He’s going to have some good competition.”

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