Gov. Reeves to Newsmax TV: Mississippi Opposes Virus Passports, Supports Vaccination

Gov. Reeves to Newsmax TV: Mississippi Opposes Virus Passports, Supports Vaccination

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said Tuesday he is “adamantly opposed to vaccine passports,” and not only doesn’t it make  sense for his state, it doesn’t make sense for the country.  It doesn’t make any sense in Mississippi doesn’t make any sense in America,” he said.

Appearing on on Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo Show, the Republican Governor said all citizens should be vaccinated against COVID-19. “I am one of the people that stand up and I have gotten vaccinated; I encourage all three million Mississippians to get vaccinated, and I encourage people across America to get vaccinated,” he enthusiastically stated.

Biden’s liberal left party policy is completely different than the Republican Party on the virus passport issue. Here is the difference, he said, “the difference between Joe Biden’s party and the party that I believe in, and the principles that I believe in, is the fact that I trust Americans and I trust Mississippians to make the best choice for themselves and for their families.”

“Joe Biden and his team believe in central decision making.” He added, “They believe that the government is the entity that should make all decisions for all people, and it’s just a fundamental philosophical difference, we trust the American people to make their decisions, they trust government.”

Reeves stated that notwithstanding his decision to open his state back up in early March, Mississippi’s COVID numbers are extremely low. Our “number of cases are down 60%. Our seven-day moving average is under 200 cases per day over the last seven days we’ve averaged 196.4 cases, he said.

“We’ve had less than 1400 cases over the last seven days and that is down 94% from our peak, which was at 2400 cases per day, almost 17,000 over a seven-day period, and in addition to that at our peak we were at 1444 Mississippians hospitalized, today that number is below 200, he added.

He attributes his state’s success and significant progress toward fighting against COVID to the vaccine. “Again, our numbers have plummeted, and it’s because we recognize that the vaccine is our light at the end of the tunnel, he said.

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