Mark Meadows to Newsmax: Infrastructure Biased for Dem Run Cities

Democrats in Washington, D.C., are pushing for an $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal that will ostensibly be ticketed only for Democrat-run cities in America, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows warns on Newsmax.

“When we start to look at it, no one’s against roads and bridges working for them, but what they are against is the Washington, D.C., establishment actually spending their dollars on their behalf, but not necessarily their priorities,” Meadows told Saturday’s “America Right Now.”

“The problem is about those priorities: Most of the money that they’re talking about, actually will go to major metropolitan areas,” Meadows added to guest host Shaun Kraisman. “So the viewers, if you’re not in Washington, DC., Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Boston or Chicago, you won’t see the majority of this money for as much as five to six years.”

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