Phill Kline to Newsmax TV: Because of Big Tech, ‘We Don’t Have a Free Country’

Phill Kline to Newsmax TV: Because of Big Tech, ‘We Don’t Have a Free Country’

Americans live in a “corporate oligarchy” where major companies like big tech giants Facebook and Twitter control thoughts and actions, Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project, said to Newsmax TV Saturday. 

“(Facebook CEO) Mark Zuckerberg spent more money than the federal government on the 2020 election,” said Kline on Newsmax TV’s “The Count,” while commenting on the growing censorship of conservative views, including the move by most major social media sites to block President Donald Trump after Wednesday’s riots at the Capitol. 

“Now you’ve got broad-based censorship supported by the left,” Kline said. We don’t have a free country anymore. We have a country and a government that believes it needs to protect us from ourselves, that there are smarter people in Washington than out on Main Street.”

He added that as such, “they have to determine what we get to read, what we get to think, and how we get to act on what we think. And that’s not a free America.”

Dan Gainor, the VP of MRC TechWatch, who was also on the program, commented that big tech corporations are the “most powerful companies in human history.”

“The British East India company famously conquered India, and Facebook has 2.7 billion customers,” he added. “Google controls search for 92% of the world, and Twitter, of course, reaches all the influencers.”

The companies have decided “collectively” that conservative speech must be shut down,” Gainor added. “So they start with the president, but they’ve gone after several other prominent accounts…but look who’s still on, the leader of Iran, who has called for the genocide of Israel. You know the embassy of China, which both blamed the U. S military for the COVID virus and then rationalizes genocide. It’s crazy.”

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