Professor to Newsmax TV: Cancel Culture a ‘Soft Version of Taliban’

Professor to Newsmax TV: Cancel Culture a ‘Soft Version of Taliban’

Author and professor Thane Rosenbaum called the concept of cancel culture like a ”soft version of the Taliban,” telling Newsmax TV on Thursday that those who engage in it are imposing their view of morality on society through threats and intimidation.

”They simply tell you what to think and what culture you can consume,” said Rosenbaum, a professor at Touro College in New York City on ”Greg Kelly Reports.”

Rosenbaum appeared with Tom Bosco, owner of the New York City restaurant Indian Road Café, who said he was threatened along with his dog for appearing on MSNBC for a segment on businesses operating during the COVID-19 outbreak and expressing support for former President Donald Trump.

”The problem is, it’s not just wrong thinking, and that’s what just happened to my fellow guest, it’s not that it’s wrong thinking, it’s not a friendly disagreement, he’s considered morally depraved,” said Rosenbaum, who wrote about the subject Monday in a piece in the Jewish Journal: ”The Raging of Cancel Culture is a Threat to Us All.”

”It’s beyond the pale. That’s why he has to go. That’s why his dog has to go.”

Rosenbaum, director of the Forum on Life, Culture & Society, said the Founding Fathers,  from George Washington to Alexander Hamilton, would be ”horrified” about cancel culture.

”This is like a soft version of the Taliban,” Rosenbaum said. ”Because it’s simply saying, ‘We are going to impose our own moral order. This is it. This is our own moral vocabulary, and you either stay with us or get the consequences.”’

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