Rep. Russell Fry to Newsmax: DirecTV Committed ‘Incredible Disservice’

It is an “incredible disservice” to the American people that AT&T’s DirecTV has removed Newsmax from its lineup, and people are frustrated by what happened, Rep. Russell Fry, R-S.C., told Newsmax on Saturday.

“I’m hearing the same thing that I’m sure that you are, which is that it’s incredibly frustrating,” Fry told “The Count.” “Newsmax delivers a good product. It’s a good mechanism to get the good news out to the American people.”

DirecTV, on Jan. 24, deplatformed Newsmax, denying it from being available to 13 million subscriber homes last week. This was the second time the service removed a conservative channel in the past year, and the move has drawn outcry from conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, who has called for a boycott from the provider.

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