Scott Perry to Newsmax: ‘Meticulous’ Bank Records Explain Biden Connections

In the Congressional investigation of the Biden family’s financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party, Cathay Bank’s cooperation is important because “banks keep meticulous records,” Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., told Newsmax Tuesday.

“We’re really not going to get any cooperation from the president or the members of his family,” Perry told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”  “So while we can subpoena all they want, they can…obfuscate and just not provide information. And quite honestly, they might literally not remember these important facts, figures and dates.”

“So, the bank information, banks keep meticulous records because they don’t want any trouble. They need to know where all the money goes, who gets it, what time, what day. And it has to be balanced to the penny, right? So they’re very accurate records and the fact that they have them and giving them to the committee is important so that we can see all those connections,” Perry continued.

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