Sen. Ted Cruz: Texas Right to End Coronavirus Lockdowns

Sen. Ted Cruz: Texas Right to End Coronavirus Lockdowns

Lockdowns across the country have proven to be a “serious mistake” that hurt millions of people and small businesses, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordering his state to reopen fully is “great news,” Sen. Ted Cruz said Wednesday.

“Texans are ready to get back to work,” the Texas Republican said on Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria.” “We can be smart and safe. We can practice social distancing … the answer isn’t to destroy millions of jobs.”

Children have been hurt the most, he added, by “Democrats shutting down schools.”

“Data are showing that kids, many kids, are six months or a year behind and that educational harm will be with them the rest of their lives,” said Cruz. “It is wrong. You know the Democrats like to say follow the science, they are not following the science. The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] says send kids back to school [but] you’ve got a whole lot of Democratic politicians that care about that money from the teachers union bosses more than they care about kids.”

He also accused the teachers unions of fighting more for teachers than for students. 

“The head of the CDC got up and said that kids need to go to school,” said Cruz. “The [Joe] Biden White House walked that back and said no, no, no, that was not in any official capacity.”

Meanwhile, Cruz slammed the pending $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill that is heading for a vote in Congress, calling it a “liberal wish list” of every “priority the Democrats have of paying off their political cronies.”

“[It is] important to note in the last year we passed five bipartisan COVID relief bills,” he said. “The Republicans are eager to work together on getting vaccines out on fighting the virus, getting people back to work, with helping small businesses.”

Cruz further discussed the growing immigration situation, calling it a “crisis” and a “human tragedy.”

The numbers are rising, he said, because of the Biden administration’s moves, including “expanding cages” because his policies are resulting in more children being brought into the country. 

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