A 25-Year Old Man Allegedly Faked His Way Into DISD Posing as Teen Harvey Evacuee

Sidney Gilstrap-Portley (Dallas Police)

Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – A 25-year old Mesquite man was jailed after posing as a 17-year old Hurricane Harvey evacuee to enroll in a Dallas high school last year.

Sidney Gilstrap-Portley enrolled at Hillcrest High as a freshman under a fake name and quickly joined the basketball team.

DISD officials say Gilstrap-Portley gained access to schools at a time when the district had opened its doors to hurricane evacuees. Spokesperson Robyn Harris said he told them he was homeless and had come to Dallas alone from Houston.

A former coach from North Mesquite High School who recently recognized hime notified the district.

As a student, Gilstrap-Portley dated a 14-year old girl. Her mother told the Dallas Morning News that she is “upset, frustrated and angry at the same time.” She says she would never have allowed her daughter to date a 25-year old man.

He was booked into Dallas County Jail, charged with tampering with government records Friday and has since bonded out. He has no previous criminal history.

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