Station Information

Street Address: 3090 Nowitzki Way, Suite 400 Dallas, TX 75219

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM – 5:30PM

Holiday Hours:

Program Director
Kevin Graham: 214-520-4365

Prizing: Skai Dabney 214.525.2533

Talk Lines

Talk Line: 800-288-9227 [WBAP]

News Tip Hotline: 214-765-5296

News Tips

WBAP Traffic Spotters

WBAP Main Line & Contest Info

WBAP Marketing and Promotions
Jessica MacKenzie-Williams: Promotions Director

Advertise on WBAP 820
Alec Drake: Director of Sales

Director of Digital Operations
Austin Maddox

Employment Info
Cumulus Media is an equal opportunity employer / AA: EEO Document

Cumulus Privacy Policy

EEO Compliance for WBAP

WBAP FCC Online Public File

Model and Talent Release Form 

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