A Parker County Wedding Photog Accused of Having Sex With A Guest & Urinating on a Tree

Katie Mehta (Parker County Sheriff’s Dept)

Weatherford, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – The alleged antics of a wedding photographer in Parker County apparently overshadowed the big day for a bride and groom in Weatherford.

26-year old professional photographer Katie Mehta was allegedly caught having sex with a guest according to WFAA, and when asked to leave, she reportedly urinated on a tree and threatened police officers.

Mehta’s sister is telling a different story, saying that Katie may have unknowingly been given spiked drinks.

“Within a fast amount of time she even noticed herself, she wasn’t feeling like herself.”

According to the sister, Katie told her that she walked toward a fountain at the Parker Manor where two men allegedly tried to do inappropriate things to her.
She apparently caused a commotion when yelling for help.

Mehta was arrested. The incident is under investigation.

Mehta is also a professional model who goes by the name Max McIntyre.


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