Fort Worth Launches Program to Educate Voters on Pension Fund

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- The city of Fort Worth launches an education campaign ahead of a vote on the city’s pension in an effort to eliminate its $1.6 billion unfunded liability.

Current city employees, general, fire and police  will vote on Feb. 4-22 and decide whether or not to increase employee contributions to the fund, approve employee contributions to the fund for all overtime hours and allow further contribution increases if this plan doesn’t work.

Mayor Betsy Price said the city will hold over 20 community educational meetings for city employees to understand what they will be voting on. “I think it’s critical..if I were an employee having to vote on it I would want a chance to learn about it,” Price said.

Price said the meetings go on everyday from now until February 1st.

In order for the plan to go forward, a majority of all city employees must vote in favor of it. A failed employee vote will send the city’s pension to the State Legislature in Austin, where the final decision will be made.