Protesters Demand Safety for DART Disabled Riders

Protesters rallied around DART headquarters to help DART drivers who serve the disabled community, keep their jobs

Kenneth Day, representing DART workers says DART officials will vote tonight on an issue that could end Paratransit driver contracts and use services like Uber, Lyft and Taxis instead.

Day said this job requires well-trained, experienced drivers who understand the disabled community’s needs.

He said the issue got more attention after a disabled DART Paratransit rider went missing for 3 days when his ride contracted out to a taxi.

A Dart rider at the rally said they need to stop outsourcing the service that helps the disabled instead of giving money to those who don’t understand the needs of the riders. “The taxi drivers stuff so many people in their car and they don’t care about your problems they just want the money,” he said.


Day said if Dart Officials approve the vote, Paratransit driver contracts will end September 30th and new contract will begin Oct 1.

dart has not commented at this time