O’Rourke Makes it Official … He’s Running for President

Iowa (WBAP/KLIF) –  After months of speculation after his narrow loss to Republican Senator Ted Cruz in the 2018 midterm elections, the former U.S. representative has announced his candidacy for president.

In a video released this morning, O’Rourke said this is going to be a positive that seeks to bring out the best in every one of us.

“We saw the power of this in Texas, where people allowed no difference however great or however small to stand between them and divide us, whether it was religion or gender or income or geography. We put aside our label and our differences to come together for the only thing that matters … the future of this country and the generations that will follow us.”

O’Rourke joins an already crowded field of Democratic hopefuls which also includes another Texan, U.S. Representative Julian Castro of San Antonio.

O’Rourke is currently on the road in Iowa, the ‘first in the nation’ primary state.

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