Arlington PD Releases Annual Report: Reduce in Crime and Awards for Community Policing

ARLINGTON (WBAP/KLIF)- The Arlington Police Department released its annual report to show the community what they accomplished in 2018.

Lieutenant Christopher Cook said they had a significant reduce in crime rates over the last year.  There was an 8% reduction in overall crimes, 13% in violent crimes, and a 7% decrease in property crimes. Cook said with over 13,000 arrests made ranging from misdemeanor to felony charges, over 1,000 of those were DWI charges. “We are working to reduce that number by public education… we have DWI dedicated enforcement unit that patrols every night of the week with enhanced patrols on weekends and holidays,” Cook said. Cook also emphasized the department’s award and recognition for outreach programs and initiatives that work and build stronger relationships with the community. The department also placed first for its National Night event.


“Take a few moments to look at the amazing police work that the men and women who make up the Arlington Police Department achieved last year,” said Police Chief Will Johnson. “We are very proud of our patrol officers, investigators, specialized units, professional staff, citizen volunteers and businesses who contributed to our overall success in 2018 to help keep Arlington one of the safest cities in the country.”