Texans React to Billboard Aimed at City of Dallas, Confederate Heritage

KEMP (WBAP/KLIF) – A billboard east of Dallas that appears to condemn the city for its recent action regarding confederate monuments, is offending some North Texans.

The billboard sits off of HWY 175 near the City of Kemp, about 45 miles east of Dallas. It features a cartoon image of a Confederate soldier urinating on the Dallas skyline while holding a Confederate flag. In the corner of the billboard is a Confederate flag with the words “I Support Confederate Heritage” underneath it.

“It’s disgusting and I don’t like it,” said one Kemp resident about the sign.

“It’s freedom of speech and it’s as simple as that,” said a man who frequently drives through the area.

The City of Dallas removed a Robert E. Lee statue from a city park in 2017. The City Council voted earlier this year to remove a Confederate memorial at Pioneer Park in downtown.

Some Texans are offended at the image. Others are upset at the billboard’s support for Confederate heritage. Employees at a nearby gas station said Wednesday they believe the billboard went up over the weekend. It’s not known how long it will stay up.

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