Planeload of North Texas Dogs Wings North to New Jersey and Delaware

FORT WORTH – WBAP/KLIF – The national air rescue group Wings of Rescue flies in to and out of Fort Worth again Saturday, to airlift nearly 90 puppies and dogs from the Humane Society of North Texas to forever homes and adopting agencies in New Jersey and Delaware.

HSNT is preparing for an explosive puppy and kitten season, and relies on transport programs to move adoptable pets of all ages and size to partnering shelters where they have a much better chance of adoption.  Some of the breeds and breed mixes common in North Texas and other Southern regions are in demand in the north; some agencies have room for more adoptable pets where overcrowding is an issue here.

Wings of Rescue relies entirely on donations to fly large cargo planes loaded with kennels holding adoptable pets.  Founded in 2012, Wings of Rescue has flown 35-thousand pets to safety so far.  HSNT recently flew about 100 cats and kittens aboard a Wings of Rescue flight; again, overcrowding, a serious issue ahead of a busy stray kitten and puppy season.

Cassie Lackey, Director of Communications at HSNT says volunteers “…couldn’t be more excited to know all these precious pooches are going to a final destination where there is a great need for companion pets”.

The flight took off from Fort Worth Saturday morning.

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