Austin: Critics Blast ‘Big Tobacco’ for Thwarting E-Cig, Vape Tax Bill


Austin, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – A bill in the Texas house that would have taxed e-cigarettes and vaping products is dead after Governor Abbott called for 11th hour changes aimed at imposing taxes on vape makers.

Abbott stepped in to call for taxes on makers of devices that help people quit smoking, at the urging of Philip Morris.

Jay Maguire of the Texas Vapor Coalition told the Dallas Morning News that it’s “straight out of the playbook of Big Tobacco” … “coming in at this late hour, manipulating the legislature into protecting its market.”

The legislation called for a 10-percent state retail excise tax on the products.

The bill’s sponsor, Democrat Nathan Johnson said he’s disappointed, saying it would have “protected kids and saved public costs.”  A similar proposal had been presented in the Senate.

The bill died as a result of a legal maneuver Thursday night known as a point of order served up by Republican Rep. Jonathan Stickland of Bedford.  Which means the measure will not be taken up again this legislative session due to deadlines and the mandate that tax measures originate in the House, not the Senate.

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