North Texas Cities Deny Oncor Electric Increased Rates

COLLEYVILLE (WBAP/KLIF)- Oncor Electric  is seeking to increase distribution rates within each of the cities in their service area to increase revenue by over $29 million.

Adrienne Loghery with the City of Colleyville says they denied this request at this week’s council meeting and weren’t the only North Texas city to do so. “We are always going to do anything we can to protect rate payers and by denying this increase it allows us and other cities the chance to really dive into the application and negotiate a more reasonable increase and save citizen’s money,” Loghery said.

Oncor Electric emailed WBAP a statement:

“Oncor provides its customers the lowest delivery rates of any investor owned utility in Texas. Since our last rate case, we have also invested more than $838 million to build, upgrade and operate the electric distribution system so we can continue to meet the needs of our customers. This rate increase, which would be approximately two additional cents a day for a residential customer using 1,300 kWh of energy each month, will help Oncor recover these investments and continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable electric service across our service territory.” -Kerri Dunn Senior Communications Advisor, Oncor

Loghery said they received this application April 8th and cities have 60 days to approve or deny this request.