New Ordinances, Regulations for Fort Worth Infrastructure to meet Population Demands

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- New ordinances, regulations and standards for new development in Fort Worth go into effect June 1st. Fort Worth’s Planning and Development Director D.J. Harrell said some of the guidelines were outdated and not looked over in 30 years.  “As we grow both density and outward  there’s a demand to build more and more but in order to do so we need to do it smartly by adopting manuals and guidelines,” Harrell said.
City Council approved revisions to the regulations and standards for community facility agreements (CFA), utility construction policy, installation policy and design criteria for water, wastewater and reclaimed water infrastructure to ensure new development adequately meets city standards.

The recent changes are a result of staff engagement and collaboration efforts with the Development Advisory Committee and respective development stakeholders in the community. Ongoing and meaningful opportunities for stakeholder participation in proposed changes to guidelines have ensured that the City produces communal agreements with the development community. City Council also approved policy updates to the Transportation Engineering Manual, Unit Price Ordinance and City Code Chapter 30 Streets and Sidewalks. For more information visit