North Texas Organization Heads South with Truckload of Supplies for Asylum Seekers

Photo: TBM

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – A truckload of supplies is heading from North Texas to Laredo this week to help a church housing U.S. asylum seekers.

‘Texas Baptist Men,’ one of the state’s largest disaster relief organizations, is loading a tractor-trailer with water, clothes and other supplies that will be distributed to people legally seeking asylum in the U.S. and currently staying at a Laredo Church.

“We’re taking down water, clothes, hygiene products,” said TBM Spokesman Rand Jenkins. “Everything people are going to need as they are coming into a new place for a little bit.”

The organization first delivered a shower unit last spring. It already has been used 40,000 times.

“These [migrants] are coming in and being checked by the Government before going into a holding pattern,” said Jenkins. “This where the church and the Pastor are able to come and provide ministry to them.”

The supplies are expected to arrive in Laredo on Wednesday.

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