Hundreds Sign Petition for Investigative Programming to Expose the City of Fort Worth for Corruption

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- Over 500 people signed a petition requesting the CBS Program ’60 minutes’ investigate the City of Fort Worth.

The petition, made by the account ‘Fort Worth Gunslinger’ says the goal is to expose the city’s failing leadership. The petition also mentions Former Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald. “The City fired its first African American Police Chief while he was investigating City Hall corruption without giving him a public hearing required by the City charter. “The former Police Chief now has a Temporary Restraining Order against the City entered by a Texas Judge preventing the City from hiring a new Police Chief because the city failed to follow its Charter when it terminated him,” the petition states.

Fitzgerald’s Attorney Stephen Kennedy weighed in the situation saying,” You got the hackers who stole the employee pay roll data swindled the city out of half a million dollars…You got the medical data of city employees that were left unprotected…You had 8 police shootings since May 20th which is the highest in the nation,” Kennedy said. Kennedy said he and others are frustrated with the city. “People are paying taxes in the city of Fort Worth and what they’re getting is one of the most dangerous cities in America and a mayor/ city council who has lost touch with the electorate,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said he believes CBS will look into this with the amount of momentum the petition has gotten; over 500 signatures in only 4 days.  “It’s about time someone looked into all of this,” Kennedy  said.

The City has declined comment on this issue.

For more information on the petition click HERE.