City of Fort Worth Appealing Document Release for Fitzgerald Lawsuit, Again.

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- The fight between the city of Fort Worth and Former Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald continues. Dallas Judge Gena Slaughter denied the city’s first appeal, ordering city officials to be deposed produce records that were allegedly altered or deleted regarding Fitzgerald’s termination. The city says this includes written and digital documents, emails and text messages for over 7,000 employees and is now appealing this request, again. calling it an “unprecedented fishing expedition.”

The city released a statement:

“Former Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald was fired because he failed to exercise sound judgment and provide appropriate leadership to the Police Department.  The City’s termination letter is a public document and articulates the reasons for his termination.  Former Chief Fitzgerald and his attorney can attempt to change or redirect the focus, but the reasons for termination are clear.  The City will continue to address the legal and factual matters raised by Mr. Fitzgerald and his attorney through the court filings and the court process. The City disagrees with the allegations as set forth by Mr. Fitzgerald, is fully prepared to defend itself against this lawsuit, and stands behind the decision to terminate Mr. Fitzgerald’s employment. The City continues to maintain that it acted appropriately and within the bounds of the law.”

Fitzgerald’s attorney Stephen Kennedy said it was because he was investigating city hall corruption and city leaders are trying to cover it up. Kennedy said this lawsuit is an attempt to clear Fitzgerald’s name and for him to get his job back.

The city will be questioned on or before the 16th, according to a motion filed by Judge Slaughter.I