Southwest Employees Could be Compensated by Airline in Boeing Groundings

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Southwest Airlines employees could be compensated for the Boeing 737 Max groundings. But exactly when that would happen is up in the air, unlike the planes themselves.

The industry wide groundings followed two deadly crashes overseas.
Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said this week in a company wide email that he’s looking at ways to share proceeds with employees from a future settlement with Boeing.
“He’s trying to make the employees happy,” Aviation Expert Denny Kelly said.
According to Denny Kelly, Southwest has lost a chunk of change with all of the cancellations caused by the groundings. But he believes a settlement could be a  long way away with the planes still grounded.
“We don’t even know when these planes will be back in the air yet,” said Kelly. “So there’s still a lot to figure out.”
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