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7 black LGBTQ leaders in honor of Juneteenth and Pride month

African Americans have long celebrated the legacies of leaders like Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., all formidable forces for change within the black community and beyond. But as Americans celebrate Juneteenth — the unofficial June 19 holiday marking the abolition of slavery in the US — it’s important to…MORE

FBI assisting Dominican government in investigation of tourist deaths

The FBI is working with Dominican authorities in the investigation of recent tourist deaths, according to the US Embassy in the Dominican Republic. The FBI is assisting in further toxicology analysis of the deaths that took place at the Bahia Principe in La Romana. The agency said the results could take up to a month.…MORE

Hope Hicks will testify before House panel behind closed doors

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks will testify behind closed doors on Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee, the first time a Democratic-run panel will interview a member of President Donald Trump’s inner circle as part of the investigations into the President. But it’s unlikely Hicks will answer many of the committee’s questions. The…MORE

Can Trump’s economy last?

President Donald Trump warned a few days ago that if he isn’t reelected the economy will crash, a scary prediction that drives home the supreme confidence he has in his own tough-talking madman theory of leadership. Is it a prediction, a warning or a promise? “I think people read these statements the wrong way. He…MORE