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Henry Bloch, co-founder of H&R Block, dies at 96

Henry Bloch, who helped build tax preparation company H&R Block into a leading force in business innovation in 20th century America, died Tuesday. He was 96. Bloch was a philanthropist and a decorated World War II veteran. H&R Block announced his death in a news release. The company did not disclose the cause, but said…MORE

What Facebook scandals? Its earnings are expected to dominate

Facebook has been widely criticized for its scandals and bad behavior. But the company keeps raking in money. As long as Facebook’s 2.3 billion users keep logging onto the platform, it’ll keep bringing in ad revenue, according to Ben Schachter, senior internet analyst at Macquarie Groups. All the negative headlines — about the social media…MORE

Trump’s dreary winter turns into royal spring

If President Donald Trump’s winter was a dreary dirge of special counsel suspense and border wall bitterness, his spring is shaping up in far more royal fashion. On two separate overseas ventures, the President will be treated to the elaborate pageantry he treasures, hosted by royal heads-of-state on opposite sides of the globe both eager…MORE