Audit Finds DPS Overpaid Vendors

AUSTIN (WBAP/KLIF News) – An audit of the Texas Department of Public Safety said the agency may be overpaying some of its vendors.

The State Auditor’s Office reviewed contracts the department has with its vendors.

The report said DPS overpaid U.S. Bank $500,000 to provide employees with cards to pay for gas.

DPS said it reduced a later payment by about $440,000 to begin to make up for the gap, but the audit suggested state police should more closely watch if employees are charging gas for official business.

“The issues above increase the risk that the department could pay for fuel purchases that do not support state business,” the audit said. “The department should improve fuel card accountability by reconciling logged fuel card charges with data and bank statements available through the vendor’s online monitoring tools.”

The audit also reviewed the agency’s contract with the Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas, which does background checks.

It said the department should set up checks to ensure personal information is protected.

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