Black Police Association of Greater Dallas Proposes Reforms

imag10601Dallas (WBAP/KLIF News) – The Dallas Black Police Association is proposing a list of reforms it says are necessary to stop police brutality here in the Metroplex, and nationwide.  Association President Lieutenant Thomas Glover says they can’t just sit idly by while violence is committed by police officers against civilians, and vice versa.

“We believe as an organization, we must take a lead role in calling for a radical change in policing,” said Glover.  “We believe the initial reforms we are proposing will propel out department, as well as other departments, to centuries of peaceful existence.”

Among the seven reforms they’d like to see are a civilian review board, early childhood education programs similar to “DARE”, a youth police academy to encourage young people to explore law enforcement as a career, and increasing cultural diversity training of police officers.  In the past, there has been resistance from other police associations to instituting a civilian review board, but Glover said they’re not waiting for approval from anyone to make the proposal.

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