Interfaith Group in Dallas Calls for Intervention in Syria

Dallas (WBAP/KLIF News) – Members of the Council on American Islamic Relations joined leaders from other faiths Friday to call on American lawmakers to push for evacuations from Syria to resume.

The United Nations says 6,000 civilians have left Aleppo in the past two days, but the UN has stopped evacuations amid concern of greater violence. In one case, aid groups say the Syrian government stopped a convoy of 1,000 evacuees and shot several people.

“We are appealing to all elected officials that we want to see American involvement in assisting with the safe passage and evacuations of residents of Aleppo,” says CAIR’s Alia Salem.

Organizers gathered outside the Dallas office of Senator John Cornyn, calling on lawmakers to offer “meaningful” responses to the governments of Russia and Iran, saying those nations have helped Syria kill civilians.

“America is at its greatest when we give refuge to people who are most persecuted and when we give hope to the most vulnerable populations in the world,” says Wes Magruder, the senior pastor at Kessler Park United Methodist Church.

Magruder and Salem say Cornyn’s staff has been receptive to their call.

“We have all been horrified by the wanton violence and killing,” he says.

The Russian government has worked with the Syrian government to capture Aleppo from rebels. The United Nations says 50,000 people are still trapped.

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