Handling Alcohol Use over New Year’s

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – New Year’s can be a peak time when some people have trouble handling alcohol. It is also the time of year when those who enjoy drinking might start to realize it is becoming a major problem and need to seek professional help.

Dr. Elizabeth Weidmer-Mikhail is an Addiction Psychiatrist with Dallas-based Enterhealth, a science-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment program.

“They might have a hard time understanding when that line is crossed and when the next drink might be one too many,” she said. “Then they feel out of control.”

Her advice is to have a conversation with friends and family so they can watch and warn a loved one if necessary.

New Year’s is also a difficult time for many recovering alcoholics. Dr. Weidmer-Mikhail says this is when Enterhealth sees the most relapses from recovering alcoholics.

She says there are a variety of medications to help those who need assistance not to relapse.

“To either curb the cravings and to decrease the intensity of the cravings so people will hopefully restrain themselves a little better,” she said.

Enterhealth has a full-time staff of addition-trained physicians, psychiatrists and other medical professionals who create personalized treatment plans for patients.
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