White Supremacy Fliers Posted on UNT Campus

white-sup-flier-1DENTON (WBAP & KLIF News) — Students at the University of North Texas found fliers posted around campus this week promoting a white supremacy group.

Second-year political science major Isaac Davis found the fliers promoting the group “American Vanguard” — a group whose website’s homepage reads: “We hear it every day: ‘Whiteness’ is evil, and must be destroyed. Our religion, our traditions, and our identity are dragged through the mud by the globalist establishment while millions of nonwhites flood our nation every year. If current trends continue, White Americans will be a minority by 2044. It’s time to take a stand.”white-sup-flier-2

There are no mentions of violence on the page, leading Davis to believe the signs are likely just a scare tactic on a student body known for its diversity.

“I don’t think they’re going to be violent, honestly,” Davis said. “I think they’re just trying to intimidate students and oppress students from speaking out.”

Davis said he turned in the fliers to UNT Police and told students in his classes to keep an eye out for them. There have also been similar fliers posted on campus not associated with American Vanguard.

University Police say the fliers are not illegal, but that the content does violate university policy.

“I think it could potentially be something that’s really harmful and detrimental to the environment of learning and openness and open dialogue on the university campus if we have groups like this,” Davis said.

Since stories have been published online about the fliers, Davis has received what he describes as anonymous threats on his Twitter account.

“I think it’s kind of a joke,” Davis said of the Twitter responses. “They’re all anonymous, they’re all afraid to show their faces because they know that acting in this way is super harmful and bad. If anyone in their real life found out they were behaving in this manner, there would be real-life consequences.”