Mayor Rawlings Says Dallas is Not a Sanctuary City

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says, “No,” Dallas is not a sanctuary city.

The Mayor making comments on Dallas County’s passing of the “Welcoming Community” resolution by saying he believes the sentiment of the resolution is positive, but federal laws still must be followed.

“A sanctuary city says is that we do not obey the federal law when we are asked to do so and that is not the case in Dallas,” Rawlings said to WBAP’s Eric Bushman in a one-on-one interview Friday.

Earlier this week Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatened to bring the hammer down on Dallas County if it acts on welcoming undocumented immigrants.

Rawlings, who says he has been in contact with the Dallas County Judge, says he believes the County will continue to obey federal laws.

“We need to be a welcoming community,” Rawlings said. “But you can do that and still respect the law and make sure you implement all laws.”

You can hear the portion of WBAP’s Eric Bushman’s interview with Mayor Mike Rawlings focusing on Sanctuary Cities here.

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