Denton County Detention Officer Arrested for Insurance Fraud, Bribery

DENTON COUNTY (WBAP/KLIF News) – A Denton County detention officer was arrested on charges of insurance fraud and bribery.

The Denton County Sheriff’s Department’s Orlando Hinojosa said Corey Hughes allegedly plotted with an undercover officer to have have his truck stolen after it had been damaged in a hail storm.

Hinojosa said a deal was made for Hughes truck to be “stolen” from his part-time job at the Nebraska Furniture Mart on April 7.

He said the department closed in on Hughes after he reported the truck stolen to the Colony Police Department and filed a fraudulent insurance claim.

“We’re not going to tolerate any kind of illegal activity within or outside. He broke the law and we’re not going to sweep anything under the rug. We’re going to bring it to light and say hey we’re taking care of business,”  he said.

Hughes was arrested Thursday afternoon while on the job at the Denton County Detention Center.

“He made a bad choice and it cost him,” said Hinojosa.


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