Jury Wraps Up Day Three of Deliberation in Price Trial, No Verdict Reached

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) — Day three of jury deliberations in the corruption trial of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price have concluded, and still no verdict has been reached. The jury began deliberating Wednesday morning after closing arguments took the entire day Tuesday.

One legal analyst says the length of the deliberation isn’t so much an indication of the jury leaning a certain way — but rather proof that jurors are taking the case seriously.

Attorney James Whalen also says the judge’s decision to not sequester the jury will also help.

“That gives them the breathing room and time to really look at the case and deliberate it thoroughly,” Whalen said. “Rather than, ‘I can’t stand being sequestered anymore. Let’s hurry up and get this thing done.'”

Although he says it’s often too unpredictable to read the tea leaves when it comes to jury deliberation, a long time behind closed doors can be a good sign for the defenseĀ (Price), especially given the nature of the case.

“Because you’ve had the fumbles by the government, I think that is a factor you have to consider,” Whalen said. “Because how are they weighing that when they deliberate, as far when they view the strength of the government’s case? I think that’s a big factor.”

The jury is deciding whether or not Price is guilty on 11 counts of mail fraud, tax evasion and bribery. They’ll come back for a fourth day of deliberations Monday morning.

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