Growing Number of Colleges No Longer Considering Standardized Test Scores During Admissions Process

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) – The level of stress over college-entrance exams like the SAT for high school seniors may soon be a thing of the past as a growing number of schools no longer consider standardized test scores when admitting students.

Educational Consultant Catherine Marrs said testing isn’t the only option.

“Most colleges today introduced the freshman seminar, which is basically a way to bring up those students who are not college ready,” she said.

Marrs said the real college preparation should be in the classrooms, not on a test.

“If a student takes AP classes, those are college prep. Those are classes that supposedly preparing the student for the rigor of a college classes,” she said.

Many colleges are starting to argue that standardized test scores don’t adequately reflect the effort or perseverance of individual students.

It’s a test that Marrs said place unnecessary stress on students and should not be considered a true measure of success.

“I would love to see the SAT go away. College Board has a monopoly on testing and they’re the only ones that still feel that the SAT is a good judge a good measure of college success,” he said.

In fact, for the Fall 2017 school year, more than a thousand colleges across the country have adopted a “testing optional or flexible” policy.

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