Attorneys Say Lawsuit Possible for Former Cowboys Wide Receiver Lucky Whitehead

DALLAS, (WBAP/KLIF) – Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead could possibly sue the team on a breach of contract claim according to attorney Rogge Dunn, of Clouse Dunn Law Firm.

“Depending on what his contract says with the cowboys he might have a breach of contract claim,” Dunn said.

Whitehead was released on Monday after reports coming from Virginia about his alleged involvement in the theft of a local corner store. He was accused of shoplifting food and drinks from a store, and not appearing at a July 6th court date.

Tuesday afternoon the Prince Williams County Police released a statement that said he was not the suspect in question saying, “Upon reviewing the June 22, 2017 arrest of an individual named “Rodney Darnell Whitehead, Jr.”, the police department is confident that the man charged with petit larceny, and who is subsequently being sought on an active warrant for failure to appear in court, is not Lucky Whitehead of the Dallas Cowboys.”

“I think the takeaway from the Whitehead situation is, its important for employers and the public in general not to jump to conclusions, because the first information out from the public authorities maybe incorrect or totally wrong,” said Dunn.

Whitehead hasn’t said whether or not he will choose to take legal action against the Cowboys or the Prince Williams County Police Department.
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