American Airlines Maintenance Workers Protest at DFW

DFW Airport (WBAP/KLIF News) – Hundreds of maintenance workers for American Airlines picketed outside Terminal D at DFW Airport Wednesday, calling for an end to outsourcing.

“We have every union on the property supporting us, as well as other unions from different airlines,” says the union’s Steve Halter.

TWU is the only union that has not reached a new contract with American since its merger with US Airways in 2013. Halter says the union’s current contract was reached as American went through bankruptcy.

American is now turning record profits, but Halter says the airline is still planning to move jobs to Brazil. American is building a maintenance hub in Brazil but says the facility will simply offer a permanent place to do work that is already done there between flights.

“In my opinion, we should be bringing that work back,” Halter says. “Some of these countries require the FAA to give them a seven day notice before they can even come on the property.”

Last year, American provided raises to maintenance workers averaging about 20 percent. Halter says TWU’s concern is the possibility of maintenance performed by less qualified technicians.

“They don’t always have licensed technicians working on the aircraft,” he says. “Obviously, as aircraft technicians here in the United States is safety and security.”

American says the hub in Brazil will not lead to less maintenance performed in the United States. The airline says the facility in Brazil will simply be a permanent location for work that is already done there in between flights.

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