Family of Brothers Killed By Downed Power Line File Lawsuit Against Oncor

Photo Courtesy of WFAA TV

FORT WORTH  (WBAP/KLIF News) – The family of two brothers who were electrocuted by a downed power line in an East Fort Worth park have filed a lawsuit against Oncor.

12-year-old Alex Lopez and 11-year-old Isaiah Lopez were killed when they encountered a live wire at Oakland Lake Park after a major storm back in March.

Alex was electrocuted when he touched a downed power line. Isaiah was killed when he tried to save his brother.

The family’s lawyer Jeff Rasansky said Oncor was negligent by not cutting power to the line that fell.

“The kids were walking home from school the way they did every single day exploring the park and playing. There’s absolutely no reason why two beautiful boys who are 11 and 12 years old had to die” he said.

Rasansky said the electric company learns about problems immediately and had enough time to shut down the line.

“Electricity is a dangerous product and they have a responsibility to make sure its not on the ground to make sure it can’t come into contact with children playing in the park,” he said.

Rasansky said the family has suffered an unimaginable loss.

“Really this is a case about corporate responsibility and accountability. There’s no amount of money that can bring these parents their children back,” he said.

Oncor put out a statement offering condolences to the family but said it can’t comment on pending legal action.

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