Refugee Art on Display at NorthPark Center

Dallas (WBAP/KLIF News) – Art produced by children of refugee families is on display at NorthPark Center. The display of drawings, called “My American Dreams,” was set up by the refugee resource center, Project: Start.

In the drawings, kids showed what they hope to accomplish when they grow up. Some said they wanted to become doctors, engineers or professional athletes. Others painted pictures of homes they would like to live in.

“They’re just so looking forward; they’re not looking back,” says Leonid Regheta, the Director of Project: Start. “They’re looking forward knowing where else in the world but here in the US could they achieve these dreams.”

Regheta says kids still living in countries dealing with conflict would draw much different pictures. He says other organizations work with kids who have been through trauma.

“Once you get to a better place in your life, you get used to it,” he says. “The art here sort of reflects that.”

Regheta says thousands of refugees who speak at least 30 languages live in the Vickery Meadows neighborhood of North Dallas. He says the display aims to show the similarities among children from North Texas and other parts of the world.

“It was really fascinating to watch other kids who were pointing to things and turning around, telling their moms and dads, ‘I want this, too!’ or ‘I can do this!'” Regheta says.

The work will be on display at NorthPark Center through Thursday. Regheta says Dallas City Hall has contacted him about the possibility of moving the art and keeping the display active.

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