Frisco Makes Video Encouraging Amazon to Bring Second Headquarters to Town

FRISCO (WBAP/KLIF News) — The City of Frisco has turned to YouTube to lure Amazon’s second headquarters, HQ2, to town.

In the video, Mayor Jeff Cheney makes several claims as to why Frisco is the ideal location for HQ2,

“Frisco is a deal maker with a reputation for public-private partnerships,” Cheney said in the video. “Just ask our partners, like the Dallas Cowboys.”

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and FC Dallas president Dan Hunt make cameo appearances in the video, recycling a clip of Jones saying he has caught the “Frisco Flu.”

Cheney adds that Frisco is widely seen as one of the best cities in America to raise a family and relocate a business to.

“Amazon, you’re growing your business. And we want to grow with you,” Cheney said. “That’s why we think Frisco, Texas is the perfect fit for HQ2.”




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