DPD: Suspicious Package Found at Dallas Women’s Clinic a Hoax

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) – The Dallas Police Department said a suspicious package found outside a women’s health clinic was a hoax.

The call came from the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center at 8616 Greenville Avenue near Royal Lane Friday morning.

The clinic performs numerous services, including abortions, and has been the target of both protesters and threats in the past.

The department’s bomb squad deployed a robotic device to assess the package which investigators eventually deemed not to be dangerous.

Assistant Chief David Pughes said the pictures of the device investigators saw before they were able to dismantle it was alarming.

“It was not explosive. It was not flammable. There were no destructive chemical components inside of it. It was definitely put there to cause fear and alarm,” he said.

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee reported the package after noticing it behind the clinic before their annual Fall vigil.

The group’s Becky Visosky said members were threatened just a few weeks ago.

“We had our vigil vandalized. Saw a gentlemen come out and dump paint all over it and dumped everything out of our vigil box and left a small doll beheaded with the words pro-choice,” she said.

Pughes said the department is investigating the situation as a hoax.


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