North Texas Teens Learn the Dangers of Distracted Driving at Weekend Course

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]
GRAND PRAIRIE (WBAP/KLIF News) – North Texas teens will learning about the dangers of distracted driving at a special training program at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie this weekend.

The Ford Driving Skills For Life course partners participants with a professional driver while they wear special suits that stimulate driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The company’s Rob Beaird said they’ll learn life saving skills.

“They’ll be in a vehicle with a professional driver and then they’ll throw different distractions in front of them to show them a hands on feel for how difficult that can be to handle,” he said.

Attendance at the course has been consistently rising each year.

Beaird said he hopes the trend continues because the program’s goal is to try and curb a grim statistic when it comes to teens and driving.

“Across the U.S.every year, about 3,000 teens die in car crashes. A program like this shows them how difficult it is to be behind the wheel and how focused they need to be while they’re driving,” he said.

The free course is being held Saturday and Sunday.

You can click here for more details about the course.

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