Nearly 12-Foot Alligator Spotted Crossing US 59 Near a Whataburger in Southeast Texas


Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – A southeast Texas resident is largely being credited for capturing a nearly 12 foot alligator spotted crossing US 59 near a Whataburger in Cleveland early Tuesday morning.

Chance Ward joked in a Facebook post, “Only in Texas will you get a Gator and a Whataburger in the same picture.” Lovingly referred to by friends and others as ‘cowboy’ Chance, Click2Houston reports, he took down the monstrous gator with some assist from the Cleveland Texas Police and Fire Department.

Who needs Crocodile Dundee when you’ve got a cowboy on US 59?

Ward gained national attention during Hurricane Harvey for daring water rescues of stranded livestock.

The CPD called on him to tackle the gator which he named George.

Click to view ‘George’ being released back into the wild:

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