Is Now A Safe Time to Travel to Hawaii?

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) – Given the recent activity of the Kilaeua volcano, many travelers are canceling their travel plans to Hawaii.  But one company we spoke to, said now is a great time to considering a vacation to the island.

Travel expert and president of, Bob Diener said lots of people are canceling reservations unnecessarily.  According to Diener, those cancellations are lowering the costs of flights and hotels, creating more opportunity for other more informed travelers.  Diener said “only a small portion of the island is affected by the volcano, and it’s far away from most tourist areas.”

Occupancy has gone down, that’s a fact.  But the company said those who are more informed about the volcano not having an impact, are enjoying great vacations at remarkably low rates on flights and hotels.  The company expects rates to go back up once word gets out that the volcano is not affecting frequently traveled areas.  “Occupancy will go up, demand will go up, and that means rates will go up.”  Diener’s advice is “book it now and lock in a great rate, regardless of when you’re traveling.”

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