Dallas Police Release Results from “Cite and Release” Program

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) – The Dallas Police Department released results from the recently enforced “Cite and Release” Policy which lessens the penalties for small-time marijuana offenses.

It’s goal is to reduce the jail time for non-violent offenders.

County Commissioners approved the measure last December and it allows police to give anyone caught with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana in the Dallas city limits a ticket.

Police had been dealing with being understaffed over the past year and cite and release supporters said the program could help ease the burden.

The department said it had 65 cases between December of last year and the end of June.

Of those, more than half of those cited appeared in court, 22 didn’t show up and seven set future court dates.

Three warrants were dropped.

19 of the 65 indicated the possible distribution of marijuana.

71 percent of the cars stopped were released at the scene.

No other cities in Dallas county had voted to implement the program.

Some have criticized the initial results but police say the numbers are low because the program is new.

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