Divers Search Benbrook Lake in Search of Clues in 1974 Disappearance of 3 Fort Worth Girls

(L-R) Julie Ann Mosely, Lisa Wilson, Rachel Trlica (FWPD)

Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF) – In connection with one of Fort Worth’s most notable cold cases, over 100 onlookers Awatched Saturday as divers pulled submerged cars out of Benbrook Lake.

Investigators continue looking for clues into the 1974 disappearance of 3 girls who went missing from the then Seminary South Shopping Center on South Freeway.

One car — a Chevy Corvair – was taken to an undisclosed location to be analyzed for evidence.

Among onlookers, was Fran Langston; her daugher is among the missing. Langston told the Star-Telegram that she “hopes there is some evidence in the cars.” After difficulty raising a second car, divers gave up for the day, but plan to return this weekend to continue efforts to raise it.

The girls were ages 17, 14 and 9 when they went missing.

A family member of one of the missing girls created the website,  a website, missingtrio.com, and a Facebook page in hope of finding clues.

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